IdiotShapers is a team of shapers, artist and designers collaborating to produce the most innovative and progressive SUP and surfboards. With a constant collaboration with the most progressive, stylish and demanding surfers on the planet, the result are boards with an unique-looking and futuristic concepts.
Searching in the whole Europe the best and creative shapers, IdiotShapers is quality, accuracy, care of the details, and modernist shapers.
Use many different shapers, with different ideas, technologies and styles, permit a variety of many different things in the customer’s hands. It comes from a desire to share knowledge and ideas to create the best product for radical surfer. All our shapers collaborate to improve the product constantly by sharing concepts and technics.

Different method in shaping make a board with different behaviour. This is the concept of our total customization. Other advantage to have different shapers allocated in different parts of the word, offer a deep knowledge of the waves and conditions where the customer comes to find the perfect shape.

You do not have a shaper, all shapers are yours.


Young and Creative

Our young talented shaper Dani Vila has develop the most futuristic shape for airs and turn combining sharp rails and progressive rocker. With EPS blanks and a new stringer-less construction, he is shaping a SUP as a surfboard. Dani contain what a shaper should be: rebel, artist, uncontrollable source of ideas, surfer and a perfect craftsman. Every day he comes out with a new shape or a new construction concept that he test personally in his preferred spots around Spain and Portugal. A young looking forward shaper is what Idiot need to look at the future being simply different.


Experience and mastery.

The small Peruvian shaper has bring the famous Peruvian big waves tradition into Europe. With a long experience in shaping and glassing boards for the massive conditions that you can find in Peru, “Agcha” create the most reliable products. He starts to shapes since he was very young and his attitude has a “bad kid” is showed in his futuristic and modern shapes with a constant looking to the sk8style. During the years spent in the shaping room, he has studying all materials, all technologies and constructions and right now he is ready creating a solid, light and functionally board with a unique concept. Divided between Peru and Italy, “Agcha“ is our concrete and experienced shaper for our surfboards..


Soul and classic.

The Italian shaper transform anything into a precious object that throw you into the pure essence of the old school longboard style. Talented, romantic and soul, Mark G is ingenious and meticulous. Lost in the Italian’s hills, his shaping room is a mystic experience. Spaghetti, mandolino and what else?
Perfect connoisseur of the longboard world, Mark G led, with his longboards, a surfer in the highest steps of the championships and to re-encourage even the most radical surfers again into the longboard essence. Just try it.