F*#k all the white boards!

IDIOT is a progressive surfboard brand, a surf movement inspired by art, skate, music and individuality. We are looking on a design evolution, new concepts and an eccentric style.

Idiot, brands created by young and creative surfers, has a particular identity in the name itself. Idiot is a brand that links art and crafts. A brand of a product that unimaginably as related to art but in reality, not only contains, also supports it. The basic idea of Idiot is not only to make surfboards, is also to create art and to support young independent and emerging artists.

We want boards which a person can be identified and that could define their personality to pick up babes at the beach. We want to become a culture movement of all the mad minds that want to follow us under the same flag.

Artists create all our graphics and artist creates our boards. With IDIOT you have the possibility to create a unique board with a full-board graphic. Certainly we can make it white, but we do not want to hide you that while we will make it, we will tempted to paint it.

We left the possibility of a total customization of your board. You can left it white or insert one of our graphics realized by our artist. Every year we propose a collection but a specific graphic could be order to one of our artist as your desire. Just try to pull off something more insane than us.

All graphics are applicable to all our products as surfboards and SUP. We suggest inserting a graphic only in the board bottom because:

  • You will never become boring about the graphic
  • All the boards on the deck has wax or pad
  • Should you do high airs
  • contain board’s weight

For sure, we do not want to limit your creativity and we can insert a graphic on the deck, paint your tail or your nose, colourful rails, plastic or wood inserts, flash or what?

Not just graphics are available; we can also just paint your board. Check all our creation in our web to take inspiration.

Are you ready to go wild? We are Idiot!

This is our collection, “The Death of Ordinary”.


Collection 2015

(All graphics are always available during the years)