Throughout his life, Idiot has joined many artists creating a revolutionary and alternative brand that are pointing out the uniqueness of its products. We are always searching for creative individuality. Here our heroes and our inspiring’s.


The reference artist for Idiot is Sirpen. Sirpen, from the beginning believed in the Idiot project and has defined the style. Bring his art on a surfboard was always his dream and his crazy and incomprehensible collage, result of a sick mind, they were perfect for a unique style and different boards. The style of Sirpen, who does not want to convince anyone wants to give only slaps in the face to those who look at his works. As he says, only “slaps and blood.” Macabre, mystical, introspective. In front of the art Sirpen you have to spend some time to understand and each time you come back, you found something new and you’re back in a vortex. Surely those who have most influenced his style was Francis Bacon and his passion for Japan but the artist who has turned and convinced specialize in collage was Dave McKean. Read “Mr Punch” and then you’ll understand why the fusion between painting and photography is strong stuff. The collage of Sirpen are crazy and the collage technique is that it does get high. When working on a collage, he does it in one go. The work is ended when he decides that it’s over, Sirpen is so.